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"Hi, I'm Finger Bob. I've spent the last 15 years studying the best techniques for fingering a girl and now I'm going to tell you all my secrets for FREE"

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Whooah! look at that pussy squirt

Your fingering techniques made my girlfriend so hot she told her sister .... and I ended up fucking her too. Thanks for an excellent weekend Bob.

Nigel B - Portsmouth (UK)

Hey man.. No more ugly fat chicks for me. Now I can
play in the Major League. Got myself a tight bit of ass
already. Respect Bob, respect.

MC ManHow - NY (USA)

Fuck off KFC, you want to know what's really finger lickin' good? Pussy!! Bob you're the real deal. Thx.

Chas S - Wyoming (USA)

My girls friend was sucking cock for first time ever since
I read and fingering her pussy like from Bob. Get one.

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Bob, I gotta tell you them pussy fingering tips work like magic. My girl just can't get enough. She's wet as hell.

Andy J - Missouri (USA)

Bob, got my first pussy last weekend thanks to you. Looking forward to many more. Great book buddy.

Simon P- Tampa (USA)

Reckon my girlfiend's found religion thanks to you. Keeps shouting "Jesus Christ, finger fuck me harder cowboy". Love yall :)

Chuck K- Houston TX (USA)

You're dirty Bob but you know how to push a girl's buttons. I found bits of my twat which I didn't know I had. I'd suck you.

Sharon M - Hull (UK)

My chick really likes the clit- rub techniques you showed me. She sucks me off almost every night now - well done Bob.

Richard W - Leeds (UK)

Wanked my chick off at the mall today. Boy did that bitch scream. Nearly got thrown out. You're fuckin evil Bob :)

Frankie G - Los Angeles (USA)

Made my bitch holla like she aint hollad before. Give em some Bob boy.

Robbie E - Cape Cod (USA)

My girl's cunt's dripping wet like she just pissed her pants. Well done Bob.

Vernon K - Manchester (UK)

I was going to dump my boyfriend but now he's too good to let go.

Jilly J - London (UK)

Bob, I finally plucked up enough courage to finger fuck a girl for the first time last weekend. Thanks Bob, you rock..

Jason N - Bradford (UK)

Mmmm, smell my fingers. Enough said. Good man Bob.

Robbie L - Leeds (UK)

My boyfriend has such a small cock he could never satisfy me. I was going to dump him but since he got Fingering Tips he's been driving me WILD in bed. Love it, love it, love it.

Shelly S - Bedford (UK)

You'll never believe this Bob but my fucking Dad asked to borrow my copy. Don't worry, I told him to piss off and get his own. Don't know if he did but Mum's been smiling all week! Wicked!

Dean H - Birmingham (UK)

Hey Bob, you should be on the friggin Oprah show with this gig. I'm lovin' it.

Janice - Oklahoma (USA)

Before I read your book I never got to first base. Now know I was trying too hard and was in danger of rubbing their hood off. Now I'm in the know. Thnx

Doug H - Detroit (USA)

Fingered my first chick last night. Wow, thanks Bob.

Jonny D - Alabama (USA)

Bob, she screamed like a stuck pig last night. Told all my friends to spread the word. You're good, no shit.

Manny B - Toronto (Canada)

Bob, you are one sick fucker but I love you.

Mary E- Bolton (UK)

Bob, you said they'd beg for it & you weren't fucking joking man. Now my bitch is on her knees every night. Beautiful, just fuckin beautiful.

KCJole - Sacramento (USA)

I got more cunt last month than in the last year since I read your ebook. I owe you partner.

Elmo W - Ewelder Texas (USA)


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Finger Bob

Fuck me, I am glad I am not a lawyer, imagine writing shit like that all day. I need a beer and some pussy.