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"Fingering Yourself in the Vagina"


Girl Fingering Herself
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How to Finger a Girl And Give Her a Orgasm

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Techniques for Fingering a Girl

Fingering a vagina, how is it done? I'll show you pussy fingering tips so good you'll be an expert on fingering a vagina in less than 1 hour.

It's a simple fact, if you know how to finger a vagina, you'll get more pussy. Make her cum with your fingers and she'll tell her best friends and you'll be in demand.

When I was young I invested all my cash in hookers who taught me everything I needed to know to leave them begging for more. As everyone knows, If you can make a hooker cum, you can make ANY woman cum.

15 years and hundreds of satisfied vaginas later

I've experimented with many female fingering techniques and am an expert at making a woman orgasm by touch. It's these exact same tips and techniques I developed myself that I am I'm going to share with you.

Before I knew these simple tips, I made some terrible mistakes, lost lots of pretty girls and wasted literally hundreds of pounds on dates only to return home empty handed.

Don’t fall into the same trap as me. Grab a copy of my free ebook "Secrets of Fingering a Girl".

I'll give you plenty of fingering a pussy instructions including:

  • Fingering a Girl Techniques including how to avoid the brush off by going in too early. I’ll teach you how to recognise the tell tale signs which mean she’s ready for insertion.
  • How to give girls an orgasm with just the right number of fingers. Too few and she’ll feel short changed. Too many and she’ll go home and it’s back to the drawing board and the knuckle shuffle. Use my ‘Digital Ready Reckoner’ to work out exactly the right number of fingers needed bring her off and leave her begging for more.
  • Finger Banging Women always finish what you start. Avoid the dreaded wrist cramp or tired fingers syndrome which is responsible for so many failures. I’ll teach you how to go on for as long as it takes without getting fatigued. She’ll cum like a steam train AND blow your whistle.
  • Get past the panties and into the pussy. You gotta get to the nest before you’re home. Once she's given you the green light don’t be beaten by the cloth. Rip her knickers and you've blown it. I’ll show you how to get your pinkies into the 7 most popular styles of panties WITHOUT tearing.
  • How to get your cock up her vagina. She liked the appetiser but is she ready for meat and two veg? How to pop the question and get the pussy you deserve.

With this information, believe me, you'll save thousands of dating dollars you'd have otherwise of wasted without getting so much as a sniff. But just as importantly, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that you'll never again have problems bringing your chick off.

For the rest of your life, YOU will be in the position of power. YOU will have a rare advantage over the other guys as you turn the tables on them and win the mating game. Never again will you have to put up with ugly fat girls whilst your buddies get the pick of the bunch.

Once word gets round that YOU are expert at fingering a vagina, the girls will be asking YOU for a date because they'll know YOU are the one who can give them what they need.

You can benefit from my 15 years experience
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By now I am sure you are asking yourself, why is Bob giving all these fingering a vagina tips away for free?

OK, time to level with you. I'm giving away these free pussy fingering tips in the hope that when my new book "Licking her out good. How to lick a vagina" is finished next year, you'll be interested in buying it for a few pounds.

If you request a free copy of my ebook "Learn how to Finger a Vagina" today, you'll be entitled to 30% off "Licking her out good. How to lick a vagina" when it's published next year. Now is that a deal or what?

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Super Bonus #1 - Understanding the battlefield

All you need to know to get to first base

  • Anatomy of a pussy – You gotta know your way around the playground to find the best ride right? My simple guide will allow show what all the bits are called and which ones to target first.
  • Pussy hair styles, shaving and waxing – Brazilian? Turkey? Mean anything to you? You might not realise it but girls spend more on pussy styling in a month than most men spend on beer. I’ll show you examples of some of the most popular styles so you’ll be able to identify your objective as soon as you reach the target area no matter how hairy the terrain or dark the bedroom.

Super Bonus #2 - Advanced tips on fingering a vagina

Secrets of how to up the game & make her scream with pleasure

  • G-spot finger orgasm - In this section I cut through the bullshit and give you the truth about this often misunderstood subject. Includes detailed diagrams and unique "G-Spot Pussy Map".
  • Vibrators and other sex toys - Need ideas for her next birthday present? Don’t spend your money until you've read this, I'll show you how to make great sex toys from vegetables and common household objects costing less than 5 pounds. Our ladies talk about what they really like and give tips on ways to use a vibrator.
  • Sisters are doing for themselves – My students often ask, "Why can't you show me a woman having an Orgasm?". Why not indeed, after all, the best way to learn is to study an expert in action and no one knows her body better than the woman herself. Bonus section includes links to a video of a woman masturbating.

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LADIES Yes! Read it again, I said Ladies! The path to enlightenment is through self knowledge. In this free ebook I’ve answered such age old questions as "Are You Still a Virgin If Someone Fingers You?" and included a special bonus chapter just for you entitled “Tips on How to Masturbate a Man". Learn to reciprocate and he’ll love you for ever.

In short EVERYONE who is, was, or hopes to be sexually active can benefit from the years of knowledge contained with this ebook.

Get your FREE copy of "Secrets of Fingering a Girl" NOW.

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They should burn in HELL.
I operate a strict
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Yours Sincerely,

Finger Bob

Because sticky fingers make happy hearts. leading the real digital revolution


P.S. Although this ebook is free of charge, do not forget that in order to receive your bonuses you must be one of the first 1000 people to apply. The 1001st person will still get the free ebook but will MISS OUT on receiving

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